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Contest Songs

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161. One Goal
by Natasha Turner
162. No War
by Barrie Sharpe

163. Bye Bye Bumbaclot
by Abadahigwa International

164. Not a Heart that One Love Won't Change
by Mike Johnstone

166. Let Freedom Live
by The Duke & The Gambler
165. Peace One Day
by Mone Abraham

167. One
by Karen Benedetto

168. Ro
by Javier Pérez Garrido

170. Dream
by Simonne Draper
169. Peace Once Again
by Phil McGovern

171. The Period of Cold War
by Eduard Kocharyan
172. I See Tomorrow/Stand Tall
by Eddie Cavazos

174. What Do We Tell The Children
by Todd Brewer
173. Start Again
by Meredith Seidel

175. Postscript - Babel
by Abelardo Cruz

176. I Declare World Peace
by Dillon Jagger

177. It Is Love
by Dustin Isenberg

178. Stop the Hating
by Big Joe Shelton

179. Shine Your Light On Me
by Mark Williams

180. Budun Desu Dham Suwande
by Thushan Ushanka