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Contest Songs

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141. Rescue My Family
by Alec Marken
142. Try to See the Sunshine Through the Rain
by Barbara Cheney
144. Crying Orphans
by Sam Mukhtar
by Sanique Robinson
145. Peace One Day
by Jonathan Rayner
146. The Sound of Safe & Sound
by About Poetry
148. A Nomad
by Pratyul Joshi
147. Where is the Truth
by Voicekirubaharan Ambru
150. What a Day
by Sherri Hill
149. Let the Peace Flow
by Arijit Ghosh
152. Lightspeed
by John Jordan
151. All the Good Things
by Amanda Birdsall
153. Jhora Pata
by Duttatreya Chatterjee
154. Small Drops of Water
by Natasa Vrapcevic
155. Sail On Bye
by Shirley Bowen
156. Freedom
by Nick van Wyk
157. I Believe
by Joel Mukherjee
158. Talas Secanja
by Milos Runic
159. Flying Into The Sun
by Amy Caudle
160. Waiting
by Ryan Morris